३ श्रावण २०८१, बिहीबार
(March 19, 2019)

‘सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्वका लागि पत्रकारिता’

‘Cosmetic celebration wanes Holi significance’

Bejhad : The traditional importance of and attraction to Holi celebration is waning with the rise in cosmetic cultural practices in rural areas lately.  It is often shared indigenous celebration of the festival of colour has almost disappeared in villages.

Colleagues used to gather at homes and sing indigenous songs but the peculiar cultural practice is almost not in existence.  The traditional practices are on the verge of disappearance with the import of hollow culture for celebration.  The festival used to be celebrated by singing local songs and playing music in the advent of Holi.

The hard-earned culture of Holi celebration is almost out of sight these days.  Jaya Narayan Neupane, a local of Rampur who represents earlier generation, recounted his experience, “They used to take joy of Holi through participatory celebration. Some people used to sing Holi songs; some played bands and some other danced. The environment was really enchanting”.  He further shared that there are vast differences in the celebration of Holi then and now.

“Currently the celebrations are very cosmetic and for immediate joy but in their time it was the celebration of togetherness, also being focused on preserving culture”, he added.  Likewise, Lekhnath Sharma Marasini, a local social activist, said the culture of mimicry has gradually changed our value system and consequently overlapped our indigenous ones. “The Holi celebration has become extravagant and showy these days which would not augur well to our human kind”, he added. (RSS)

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