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(April 5, 2023)

‘सामाजिक उत्तरदायित्वका लागि पत्रकारिता’

PM Emphasizes Qualitative Improvement in the Education Sector at Convocation Ceremony

Prime Minister Dahal Emphasizes Qualitative improvement in the Education Sector at Convocation Ceremony
At the 11th convocation ceremony of Purbanchal University, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal spoke about the need for qualitative improvement in the education sector. He stated that the government is working towards this goal, under the leadership of the Education Minister, by implementing various plans and initiatives.

Producing quality manpower is a priority
According to Prime Minister Dahal, universities should focus on producing quality manpower that can compete in both national and international labor markets. He emphasized the need to pay attention to the production of skilled manpower needed by the country and urged universities to broaden the scope of their studies, teaching, and research.

Sustainable development and environmental protection
In his speech, Prime Minister Dahal also stressed the importance of sustainable development and environmental protection. He encouraged universities to search for sustainable development models while protecting and promoting the human race and the entire animal world. Special attention should be paid to the problems and solutions of the Himalayas, and the challenges arising in this region due to global warming and environmental upheaval.

Preparing students for practical, life-useful skills
Prime Minister Dahal believes that universities should not only impart theoretical knowledge but also prepare students to become self-reliant businessmen and entrepreneurs by teaching them useful, practical knowledge and skills. He cited the example of Gothgaon, which has been ahead of Purbanchal University in providing quality health services by running a medical college. The government will provide all kinds of support to start the educational program towards MBBS, and after the operation of the medical college, the people of this area will have accessible and quality healthcare.


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